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Author & Musician in Middletown

Discover the world of Gregory Madden, an accomplished author and musician based in Middletown, Ohio. With a deep-rooted passion for both storytelling and music, Madden's unique journey sets him apart in the literary and musical spheres.

Madden's artistic venture began during his college years in Ohio. His love for guitar and songwriting flourished, prompting him to follow his dreams wholeheartedly. His path took an unexpected turn as he joi... Read more

Still Time: A Journey of Rediscovery & Renewal

Still Time follows Keith Mason, a middle-aged programmer navigating life in Corporate America. Stuck in a cycle where respect eludes him from colleagues, wife, and daughters, Keith's sole refuge is crafting futile sci-fi stories. However, a phone call, echoing a voice dormant for twenty-five years, disrupts his inertia.

As the millennium approaches, Keith is confronted with past failures and an urgent need to reclaim his future. Amidst the ... Read more

Gregory Madden's Musical Odyssey

Introducing the Harmonic Chronicles: Gregory Madden's Musical Odyssey With albums like "There But For Fortune," "Driving Till Morning," and "Our Nation of Two," Madden orchestrates soul-stirring melodies that resonate with every listener's heartstrings.

Madden's music transcends mere sound, transporting you into the very emotions he imbues. Each composition is a chapter in his evocative story, speaking to universal and intimate experiences.... Read more

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Our Nation of Two
Aug 23, 2023
Driving Till Morning
Aug 23, 2023
There But For Fortune
Aug 23, 2023